Conventus is a web based application to help you

- Organize

- Prioritize

- Delegate

- And manage your business

Conventus can be used to manage people, projects and for collaboration. So what normally happens in businesses? Management allocates tasks and deadlines to their teams or individuals There are more complex environments with more teams, more people, more actions and more deadlines. With so much to do and no effective management system in place, tasks get delayed, or forgotten in process.

Conventus provides you with a user friendly platform to define your objectives in a workspace.

You can invite people that need to be a part of a workspace at any time. You can create milestones, sub-projects, and tasks within a workspace and assign it to the responsible people. You can link tasks to milestones and subprojects even after the task has been created. Only the user that creates the task can end it. There is no limit to the number of workspaces, milestones, sub-projects or task that you can create. You can measure TIME, COST and VOLUME.

The Conventus dashboard comes equipped with easy to use features. Each workspace is equipped with a document management feature, helping you control all your related attachments. Every time an action is created within the workspace you are notified via email. You receive a daily summary report about everything that took place for the workspace that day. You also receive a weekly summary report for what happened that week.

When communicating about specific workspaces or tasks, notifications are sent via email and the whole team is kept up to date with any correspondence. You DO NOT need to login to conventus every time to respond. You can simply respond from your email and it will automatically write back into your workspace for tracking your correspondence.

you will also be reminded to get tasks done before the due date. Interaction reports and summaries are sent daily and weekly, and can automatically escalate if there is no activity on a task.

At a glance you get an overview of what's happening within a workspace or download full, summary, statistical or performance management reports. Graphs and Reports are real time. when an action takes place in conventus it is written to the database and can be displayed in easy to view graphs.

No special hardware is required and rollout can take place immediately. All you need is an internet browser with data connectivity.

Conventus is Digitally encrypted with the most secure encryption available today and supports SHA- 1 and 2 algorithms.