Conventus is a web based application to help you

- Organize

- Prioritize

- Delegate

- And manage your business

Conventus can be used to manage people, projects and for collaboration. So what normally happens in businesses? Management allocates tasks and deadlines to their teams or individuals There are more complex environments with more teams, more people, more actions and more deadlines. With so much to do and no effective management system in place, tasks get delayed, or forgotten in process.

Conventus provides you with a user friendly platform to define your objectives in a workspace.

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Managing the tasks in hand is important for everyone. Conventus is an Interactive Business Management Software which help you in handling the tasks you have in hand in a proficient way. The best thing about this system is that it is very simple to use and highly interactive. Talking about any business, it is very important for the business owner to manage the tasks that are assigned to the staff members or employees so that the progress can be tracked. Although, there are many such tools or applications present already, but they are not as popular as they are quite complex to understand and work with.

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