Create Unlimited Workspaces.

Capture your Workspace definitions and goals. Assign your team members or invite external members to be a part of your workspace.

Set your workspace budget.

Measure your progress by tasks completed, time, cost or volume


Create Unlimited Milestones within your Workspace

Mark specific points in your timeline as anchors. Set a start and end date to each milestone. Allocate members and tasks to your Milestone in order to measure its success.


Create Unlimited Sub-Projects.

Many times it becomes neccesary to create sub-projects within your workspace. Perhaps there are goals that need to be completed by other departments or contractors. You can link your sub-projects to milestones that need to be achieved and monitor its progress



Create Unlimited Tasks.

In each Workspace you can assign tasks to your members and link them to your milestones and sub-projects. Set a target date for completion. You can also measure cost and volume achieved for each task. Each Task is equiped with its own discussion board and all correspondence can be posted via email


Monitor you calendar

View you calander and all due dates



Message Board

Each Workspaces comes equiped with a message board to discuss matters surrounding the Workspace. All members of a Workspace have access to this discussion board. Notifications are sent via email and all correspondence can be posted via email.




Document Management

All documents and attachments relating to your Workspace can be stored in a central repository. Categorization is open-ended so you can build your own mechanism




Graphs & Charts

Quick view graphs and charts function in real time. As soon as a change is made on by one of your members it will alter the graph.

You can monitor how many task are open or closed.

The workload of each member.

Whether tasks were completed on time by each member.

Time / Cost or Budget / Volume relating to each Workspace




Activities across your workspace/s

Every action is recorded on the act board. When an object is created, edited or completed. It is time and date stamped so you can see step by step every time an event took place for your workspace.



Active Reporting

You can print a copy of report and get a full detailed report or summary. Standard reports include: Full Report, Statistics, Budget Report, Volume Report, Report per Member.



Workspace Teams

Add members to your workspace by giving them access to add to the workspace or be read-only members. Read-Only members do not affect your license count and therefor UNLIMITED. Only active members of a Workspace will affect your license count.

You can assign or remove members from a workspace at any time without compromising the data.




Your dashboard provides you with a holistic view of all your Workspaces and all Activities from a single view. The standard graphs and activity view on your dashboard can give you a real time overview of everything that concerns you.




Workspace Workflow

This view allows you to view your Workspace or Project from a "Hierachial" view.

You can view by groups, user and status, the Tasks that are associated to each Sub-project and the Sub-projects associated to each Milestone that affect your Workspace.