The Founder of Conventus was inspired to build an application that would help manage his investments more effectively. Understanding that investing in people and performance  is just as important as investing in infrastructure, this laid the blue print and path of a web based application that affirms simplicity and efficiency.
It wasn’t until 2011 that the name Conventus was actually decided upon. After all, how does one express its worth in just one word?  Conventus is a Latin word derived from the term, coming together, assembly and union.  Recently some of our clients have dubbed it ‘ Awesomeness’. True to its name Conventus strives to bring people together who want and need to achieve common goals and look toward success and completion.

Concept and product development takes place locally and internationally – but Conventus also has listening posts in Los Angeles, Mumbai and London in order to monitor the latest trends and for proactive development. The core is made up of 40 developers representing both a local BEE component and international experience.

Our VISION is to be the partner of choice for customers operating in simple, complex or mission-critical environments by providing the most innovative cloud-based solution to enhance management and improve efficiency.

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